Dark Meat 219: Meet The New Year, Same As The Old Year

Time to bid g’bye now to 2010 and heya there to 2011. Dark Meat, for one, welcomes the arrival of our new decade overlords!

* They Might Be Giants – Older
* The Folksmen – Old Joe’s Place
* Jethro Tull – Living In the Past
* Talking Heads – New Feeling (for more on Talking Heads, see below)
* Tom Waits – New Coat of Paint
* Joe Jackson – Only the Future
* Sparks – Throw Her Away (And Get A New One)
* Jonathan Coulton – Brand New Sucker
* Squibb Pharmaceuticals – The New Generation
* Amanda Palmer – Another Year

* May I call your attention to a free Talking Heads tribute record? Naive Medley: This Must Be The Coverville Tribute to the Talking Heads is now available over at the Coverville blog, and it’s as good as can be. Especially when you consider how free it is.

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