Dark Meat Leftovers: Listen Now, Dilator

Uncomfortably local band Dilator steals the show today. ┬áThis is a rerun of the 100th episode, and the Dilator boys thank you for your support. Songs are originals except where a writer is noted; don’t tell the writer because they’ll ask for money.

* Dilator – Worse Than It Seems
* Dilator (Ridgway) – Can’t Stop The Show
* Dilator (Costello) – Allison
* Dilator – Completely Invisible
* Dilator (Bowie) – 5 Years
* Dilator – Jimmy Crack Corn
* Dilator – Alienated
* Dilator – The Object Of Your Desire
* Dilator (Holmes) – Timothy
* Dilator – Next Year

7 Responses to “Dark Meat Leftovers: Listen Now, Dilator”

  1. LeAnne says:

    Mr. Krause, you are a very complex and creative and fascinating person. Curious about why you chose to replay this episode now? In your own words, you have come a long way. I wonder if it’s like when I read what I wrote in my diary a long time ago. Sometimes I think, Wow, this is surprisingly good. And sometimes I think it’s silly and sappy. Mostly, I want to hide it where if I die, my children won’t find it and read it. Kids don’t need to be disillusioned about theire parents. I hated when it happened to me. Anyway, for the first half of the set, I was grateful because listening made me feel like I had a friend to come home to. I can relate to Invisible and Worse than it seems is funny in a way. Then it got to Timothy which is quite an appalling song. After Timothy, Next Year made me want to jump off the teeter totter even If I had to get hurt to do it. That’s a long way of saying don’t stop making podcasts for us Depressive, please.

  2. Daniel K says:

    Fascinating story about the origin of “Timothy”. It was meant to fail, basically.


    Reran the show because I simply didn’t have time to do a new one this week; reran THIS one because I haven’t spotlighted the Dilator boys aside from last week’s show in a long time.

    Thanks for the kind words LeAnne. And thanks for being LeeAnne.

  3. LeAnne says:

    Who would have thought that the same person who wrote Timothy wrote the Pina Colada Song; and that “It is a well-known fact that Timothy was a duck.” Thanks for pointing out the interesting discovies in Wikipedia and making me laugh.

  4. LeAnne says:

    … making me laugh….again and again.

  5. LeAnne says:

    By the way, in your commentary, you speculated that “Object of My Desire” might be the most depressing song in the line-up. I thought it was the most profound. That worries me.

  6. admin says:

    I don’t know what I was thinking… to tell the truth, the opening and closing numbers are the most depressing ones. Oddly enough, Next Year is the most upbeat AND the most depressing. Let’s see if we can get a deal on group therapy.

  7. Kristin says:

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