Dark Meat Ephemera – The Return of Categories

So a year or two ago I installed a WordPress update which completely obliterated the categories that I pose under.  For example, there is an extensive selection of shows about Bad Love and I would categorize those under “Love.”  I thought they were gone forever.

Last night I realized that somewhere along the line of updates, I gained the ability to edit the categories again. That is, all the old categories were still there, just their names were blank. So all the old episodes were still categorized, only I had no idea under what. So I renamed the categories as 1, 2, 3 and so on, then I sorted the episodes by category. There would be say, four episodes under #6. I’d look at the songs and say, hmmm, what do these things have in common? Aha! Holidays!

So the categories are back even though in about half the cases, I’m only guessing at what the hell I was thinking. What does this mean to you, the listener? Nothin’ probably. But if you’re interested in only episodes about Death, you can find them more easily now. Not as easily as Death will find you, unfortunately, but that’s not my department.

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