Dark Meat 184: The Rainbow Connection

Since I’m busy every single night this week, I’m slapping a show together. Musically it might be a little weak, but as far as title cohesion goes it’s GOLDEN. Golden brown, as a matter of fact.

* Inara George – Dirty White
* David Bowie – Red Sails
* Nick Drake – Pink Moon
* Kevin Ayers – Blue
* Richard Cheese – Yellow
* Kinks – Village Green
* Barry Grey Orchestra – Captain Scarlett (Closing Theme)
* Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat
* TMBG – Purple Toupee
* Mitch And Mickey – A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow

2 Responses to “Dark Meat 184: The Rainbow Connection”

  1. Dan , I can`t figure out how to start this confounded podcast.

  2. admin says:

    Okay, it’s there now.

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