Dark Meat 177: I’ll Buy That

You might find yourself doing a little shopping this month – Dark Meat provides a soundtrack for the weary purchaser. Don’t forget to pick up lots of booze and aspirin!

* Joe Jackson – $50 Love Affair
* Stan Ridgway – Salesman
* David Bowie – Try Some, Buy Some
* Fountains of Wayne – Bright Future in Sales
* Spinal Tap – Gimme Some Money
* Basement Jaxx Featuring Siouxie Sioux – Cish Cash
* Dave Frishberg – $7.50 Once A Week
* Tom Waits – Step Right Up

2 Responses to “Dark Meat 177: I’ll Buy That”

  1. Sara Foster says:

    my uncle got stomach ulcers because he took a lot of Aspirin to take care of his high blood pressure.;:”

  2. I agree 100% Great post.

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