Dark Meat 174: It Ain’t What They Call Rock And Roll

Rock music is great, isn’t it? But any time something gets popular, the big tent inevitably admits a few people you’d rather weren’t. These are the songs that give Rock ‘n’ Roll a bad name.

Warning: By the end of this show you may hate me, Rock and Roll, music itself, or any combination of these things.

* Dilater – Street
* The Brothers Four – Revolution
* Joe Pesci – Got To Get You Into My Life
* Sebastian Cabot – Like A Rolling Stone
* Barry Gray Orchestra – I’ve Got Something To Shout About
* Lucky Penny – Babes and Bombs
* The Shaggs – Things I Wonder
* Free Design – I Found Love
* April Stevens – I Want A Lip
* Barry Gray Orchestra – This Is The Twist
* Jamie Cullum – Wind Cries Mary
* Hayseed Dixie – You Shook Me All Night Long

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