Dark Meat 166: I’m Your Vehicle Baby

I’m tired of being hereā€¦ let’s be there for a while. And how do we get there? Dark Meat looks at a few of the ways.

* Barry Gray Orchestra – Stingray and Supercar
* Kraftwerk – Tour De France
* Spinning Jennies – Jetfighter
* Be Bop Deluxe – Ships In The Night
* Laurie Anderson – Walking And Falling
* Sugarplastic – Skinny Hotrod
* David Bowie – She’ll Drive The Big Car
* Ben Folds Five – Lullabye
* Joe Jackson – The UpTown Train

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  1. Michael Jackson is simply stunning. The whole of the entire world misses you a lot! No-one can argue that Michael has not inspired pop songs and pop culture across the globe. He was a music genuis and he was the motivation for a variety of artists that were to come after him. I’m sure Michael is still making music and videos in heaven.

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