Dark Meat 160: White With Foam, God Bless America

It’s our annual Independence Day episode, all about America. Play it loud, outside, allowing it to mingle in the air with the smell of red, red meat and coconut oil.

* The Mothers Of Invention – Hungry Freaks, Daddy
* The Tubes – Proud To Be An American
* Kim Wilde – Kids In America
* Beatles – Roll Over Beethoven
* ELO – Calling America
* Brian Wilson – In Blue Hawaii
* Residents – Picnic Boy
* Cowsills – Indian Lake
* Dandy Warhols – The Legend of the Last Outlaw Truckers AKA the Ballad of Sherriff Shorty
* The Blanks – Commandos (Attack!)
* Stan Ridgway – Camouflage
* Dave Frishberg – Van Lingle Mungo

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