Dark Meat 147: DarkMeatles

Given the huge body of work that the Beatles put out, you’d think one could put together a dark music show using just the fab four themselves. One could, and maybe one will, but not today. Today some Beatles and some people covering the Beatles and one guy commenting on the Beatles.

* Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (Strings)
* Beatles – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
* Beatles – Helter Skelter
* Bryan Ferry – Jealous Guy
* Telly Savalas – Something
* Joe Pesci – Got To Get You Into My Life
* The Brothers Four – Revolution
* Rupert Holmes – I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand
* Joe Jackson – Eleanor Rigby

One Response to “Dark Meat 147: DarkMeatles”

  1. Katie Simons says:

    I came across your site through the Podsafe Music Network. Love the site, think the concept is great and the sarcasm throughout the site is hilarious. I love some of the tracks you’ve played in recent episodes, I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times, She’s Not There, and I Am A Rock, great stuff!

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